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20 Jan 2021
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Northern Ireland
Hi all this is my first post so here goes.
I have been in the process of setting up my small 6m x 3m workshop. Most of the time I work on site so my tools are 110v/cordless so need to be easily moved into a van and back in again.
I’m now at the extraction stage to keep the dust down by fitting 40mm push fit pipe, home made blast gates and power to all tools from extractors auto power take off and a remote switch to turn the extractor on/off for cordless tools but I have to switch it over from auto to manual which is a bit off a pain as extractor is tucked away and usually has table saw out feed in front off it.
So that leads me to ask if anyone knows how to fool the extractor to think there’s a tool in the power take of that’s on a remote the festool one. (I can get it to work using remote switch and plugging in an old drill but not ideal really) I would really like a small box that has trailing leads this plug and socket so I plug this in line with my other tools or even inside the case somewhere.
my extractor is dewalt dwv902m 110v
Thanks for your time reading this



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thanks for your reply, I tried a led light but that wasn’t enough to switch the extractor on. I see that in the video he use a fluorescent light that uses more power on start up. I will have a try on need to find a suitable light to use
Couldn’t get the extractor to run with any type of light light but will work with 110v charger when battery is charging not really suitable tho. Needs to be a higher load to activate the extractor.
Finally got my auto/remote switch set up sorted out has a 10 second run on on both remote and auto through the 110v outlet.

Testing it works

Installed in a tstak case

Set up on extractor

Few more pics