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10 Sep 2023
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Recently bought a Startrite TA1250 saw and have been putting it together as it was not assembled when I looked at it. Looks in good order and all the parts are with it apart from the on/off switch. It’s a single phase 1 hp motor. There is a small 3 pin connector on a wire coming form the cabinet to where the switch boxes usually are at the front under the table top. There is a socket for one of these three pin connectors at the rear of the saw, and a plug at either end of the tubular rail that the sliding carriage mounts on.
It’s a simple enough job for my electrician to fit a NVR switch and wire up the motor that way, but I would like to know what the original setup would have been and whether. the extension cables were for remote switches. Any ideas/info would be much appreciated as I can’t find anything about it on the web.
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