Simple electronics circuit to keep power bank alive?

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I have a few gel type 12v batteries that I use for echo sounder/fishfinder etc and I do have some 12v to double 5v USB socket converters so I can go that way but its just for me so much simpler to attach a power bank.
My trail cameras work quite happily off 5v dc, they just report 70% battery as its down from 6v its expecting.
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I bought a couple of USB male & female flying cable ends with split covers from ebay cheap cheap.

I had some suitable 1 core and sleeved screen cable and some resistors so I made up a flexible lead with 200 ohms across as a load. That works fine with my current 5000mAh power banks as a keep alive.
I also found who do an inexpensive kit or pre built to enable you to keep any power bank alive as it has adjustable load via a trim potentiometer.

I bought a kit, took 30mins with a fine soldering iron and my best reading glasses ;) to assemble and test.
I checked the minimum current needed to "keep alive" 4 different size power banks that I have and the results were:

5000mAh pack (10seconds to off) 20mA load to keep alive

20000mAh pack (30 seconds to off) 40mA load to keep alive

30000mAh pack (20 seconds to off) 75mA load to keep alive

32000mAh pack (20 seconds to off) 50mA load to keep alive

So its easy now to find what load it takes to keep a pack alive, I quite fancy one of the 555 timer kits to save more battery power but its just boys toys, I can do what I need with the little 5000mAh packs for now

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