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10 May 2011
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Hi all. Just received a 2nd hand Felder F700 spindle moulder. It doesn't have a power feeder but I'm keen on getting one. It's a 3 phase and I will probably opt for 3 phase power feeder too. What are the options of powering it through the spindle as I don't have any more 3 phase feeds from the consumer unit. When I spoke to felder about a new spindle they quoted for a 3 phase switch to drive the power feeder. Do the power feeders all have separate switches on them as I wouldn't want it on every time the spindle is running.
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29 Jul 2018
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I think most power feeds (at least all of the ones I have used have had them) have speed selectors on the top of the unit which usually goes from 0 to 1 to 2 and vise versa for reverse. So you would just leave it in 0 when you're not using it if it's directly wired into the spindle moulders supply.

As far as feeders go I rather like the build quality of the ITech units and I think they feel much better and slicker to use and adjust than the Maggi Steff ones, I've also found that some of the Maggi ones seem to be geared a little too fast for certain tasks even on lowest speed but that could be down to the choice of feeder rather than all of them. The Minimax feeders are also very similar to the ITech ones for overall feel but I think they are a little more expensive with more plastic parts than the ITech, which I tend to snap :oops:.

Never tried the Felder or Comatic power feeders so I can't comment.