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25 Dec 2023
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Hi folks,

Just in the process of making various ‘prototype’ dust collection hoods for the cyclone system I have made for work turning wood dust.

They have been greatly effective so far! And I want to soon make the plunge into making more permanent ones. (Cardboard mainly so far, but perspect or other plastic would be nice!)

I’ve stumbled on some clever devices people have posted on here before and struggled to find them again, so I thought maybe a dedicated thread would be a good idea.

Therefore, if interested, please share any and all capture hoods, enclosures etc you have made for your lathes for controlling wood dust. I’d love to see what people have come up with.

Read this and search around the concepts.
The shape of the inlet has an important influence on the efficiency of the extraction.
In particular the flange like a hat brim around the edge of the opening increases performance

"The conical hood design of our source capture arm was the result of an intensive effort to model and develop the most efficient and practical hood design using leading edge computational fluid dynamics programs. These programs use numerical analyses to effectively and accurately model the airflow pattern at the inlet of the hood and maximize the capture velocity as far away from the hood as possible. This mitigates user error and allows for more forgiveness in hood positioning."

I don't use dust collection for shavings as they can't keep up & are more trouble than they are worth. Most 4" extractors have bars or a mesh just before the impellor which leads to the hose clogging.
This is what I use to collect the dust when sanding connected to a cyclone & shop vac. It's just standard 63mm rainwater pipe.

Lathe dust 2.jpg

You can add a rainwater hopper to create a bigger catchment area.

Lathe dust 3.jpg
Hello, can't give you the link for this, so if really interested,
then an advanced search on the Auzzie woodworking forums site,
entering "bell mouth" into the keywords, by member "BobL"
He made a presentation of the improvements, IIRC, which I found quite interesting.

All the best

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