Planters and raised beds.

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16 Jun 2007
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East Yorkshire
Hi everyone...SWMBO wants to grow some veg, but I wanted to check with you first. I have made her some planters, from left over treated decking, she wants to put tomatoes in these. She also wants a "gazebo" taking down, and the wood recycling to surround some raised beds. This wood was treated with the ubiquitous green fence paint. My own thoughts are no, and no, fearing leaching of various chemicals, but do you agree. Thanks for your thoughts. Rick.
Just spoke to my Mrs' (the veg expert). She has said this:

If its pressure treated it should be fine, if its chemically treated, then you would be best to line it with some kind of plastic liner.

As for the green fence paint, if its water-based then you should be fine, but if not see the prior advice regarding a liner.

For more veggie info, have a read of my mrs' blog - she has a number of posts on containers and planters:

Hope that helps.