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15 Sep 2022
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London UK
What do Peeps Have/use and rate?
Ive Stanley 130.120USA.boxed 110.Boxed Adjustable block plane 60's G something wheel on back adjustable throat and little lever on cap iron.
Stanley old USA Connecticut no75 bull nose
Boxed no3.boxed with paperwork
No4 just post war'ish(I'd never seen this box colour before and instructions in old type face)
Later No4 which just cleaned up and nice but brass and wood handles type.
Millers Fall No9/no4 in good condition.
No4 1/2 plastic handled but earlier as all brass just been restored and in great condition and good as been planing hard oak today with it.
USA No41/2 needs restoring it's wartime one with plastic type wheel and steel bolt through handle but base is ok as scraped it to check has an English blade but Friend says many had them as built when came over?
Millers Falls no14/41/2 in nice condition.
No5 older model.
No51/2 later as silver wheel and tote cap.
Plus some others somewhere?
Also a Wooden Coffin plane in good condition stamped blade.
Wooden triplane which i need to go through!
Wood/metal plough plane which friend think old military with transfer on body which said going to look into!

What do others think to Millers Falls?
type 1-4 are similar to stanley, maybe slightly less well made (some cast parts changed out for stamped, paint on the castings instead of japanning).

Overall good planes - the cost cutting has no effect on function. They have the novel 2 piece cap and a more interesting color scheme, but neither of those have an actual effect, either.

Irons slightly less good than early 1900s solid steel or laminated stanley, but so were most others.

Overall, good planes.

I've never had the lower cost or later numbered series planes (900, etc).

If you have the type 1s with the name around the knob ring, those have or at least had significantly great value than the other types.

castings slightly soft, which I always found to be a benefit because you could true the castings on an abrasive lap more easily than some really hard castings.

Stanley's irons up to just after WW2 were generally good. The very early irons (which you probably won't have) are very thin and laminated...thinner than later irons, and can be a bit soft. Every round top iron I've seen short of foreign made planes (not USA) is soft, and the irons don't have the potential to be hardened much harder. Earlier non-laminated irons can be made high hardness without being chippy - the laminated could except they warp to an unusable state.
Stanley No 4, hardly use it.
Record 5 1/2, 1970 military issue. Use it all the time.
Veritas low angle block plane, used every day. (Always in my toolbox)
Record 311, very handy (always in toolbox)
Veritas medium shoulder plane, very useful and just nice. Used often.
Stanley 71 router plane. Occasionally useful.
David Barron macassar ebony block plane, don't use it often but its very nice.
Stanley 81 scraper plane, can be handy.

I've got too many planes

All the sizes 3-6 both new and old, Stanley and record,

Daily users are a no 3 faithful and a no4 record.

Also an infill and some woodies.

No78 and a wooden equivalent. Yet to get a shoulder plane maybe Christmas?!
My 'infills'.


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The rear handle says "thumbhole rip" when I look at it.

The front screams dutch or german.

Love it!

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