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AKA 9Fingers
19 Jan 2013
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Southampton area
I had an unexpected request to contact via Linkedin (a hangover from my working days and rarely visit now)
a Paul Davies now cabinetmaker previously retired from chemical engineering possibly in the Barnsley (silkstone) area.

Anyone know of him please? Don't know why he did not make contact via woody forums.I'm suspicious of a scam.

Thanks All
Linkd-in is full of randoms reaching out to be friends. Recruitment consultants were the worst offenders back when I used to look at it. Always pimping for business.
Just ignore and leave it to die like facebook. They'll wipe your account after a decade or three of disuse.
If he's genuine you've just put his name on the internet so at some point someone he knows will see this, he can sign up and message you here.
Did he write something in the invite which makes sense?

Still very much working and career for me, so I think LinkedIn is a passable way of keeping up to date on former colleagues, but you do get the occasional recruiter or indeed rando. I do not get recruiters, they see something in your CV from ten years ago and expect you to still be interested in a similar job.
Some colleagues are very active with posting stuff, I myself am not.

The son of the dad that tought me how to turn and mill (friend of my parents), the basics anyway, took over the business of high precision manufacturing and measuring and he posts interesting videos on archaic/high precision stuff on LinkedIn, which is fun.

So yeah, if the text in the invite makes sense, it might be interesting, if it is a recruiter and you are not looking for a job, don't accept. Not sure if they can really do anything scammy on LinkedIn, send you weird links for sure, but I think LinkedIn also has a vested interest in keeping their platform professional so they'll probably be pretty quick in pruning anything untoward.