20th Century Colour Add Vise. Fitted it! (Finally).


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I'm still all for gronge :lol:

I'd pick up a can of clear coat and go over it all, the bare iron with the orange highlights is quite nice!
sploo":2bd9mucj said:
Maybe orange on the "PATENT" lettering? But I think it looks really good. Unusual, but really good.
The patent lettering is decipherable but painting at that point becomes an issue. At least for me, I get bleeds and so on.

Also. @Nabs. Sorry mate. Will send the pics soon. It's been a week here.

Thanks all. :D
I like it. The most important thing is that the vice is clean, in good working order and getting used. Plus, you're establishing your own two-tone house style.
Cheers fellas. Was a bit worried I might offend some sensibilities. Or those people are just keeping quiet. :wink: It's growing on me, so I might just give it one more coat and leave it at that.
I'm hoping to get a bit of time to fit it soon. I ran out of titebond glueing up the bench and the two oak ends to the top were glued using cascamite. (I've seen the other threads about newer cascamite) . The vise end has failed and is just being held on by three screws and the vise so it's actually a good excuse to get that sorted and fit it as an end vise.
I think you have to disassemble the vise to fit it so that might explain the split pin that was holding the 'bar restraint' on. (This is more info for Nabs than most people. :D )
Cheers all.
Inspector":2ioi42s9 said:
Black with orange highlights unless you want to shake things up a lot and paint it orange with black highlights. Bleh to the greys.


That's what I did for my vice renovation - but the clear laquer look is also good.
Alright chaps.
This has been in bits for a while now. Had a quiet day or two so thought I'd sort it out.
I mentioned before the oak end to my bench had undergone a cascamite glue failure. I thought I'd screwed/bolted it on and filled the heads with beech dowel. So I spent a nervous few minutes drilling then approaching the metal heads behind the dowel trying not to bork my tools.
Anyway. I'm an silly person. I'd just glued and dowelled the oak end on so I could have just pried it off and saved myself some work and some nice oak...
I didn't though and the old oak bit was done in so I cut some yew that was lying about to size. Learnt a bit since building the bench so left a little oversize and planed it to fit in situ. This time I just glued it on with hideglue (titebond in a bottle *Thanks Andy T) screwed it on and plugged with some oak dowel.

Fitting was actually a doddle because it's designed to just be screwed on although you need to get the holes for the spikes accurate. I used chalk to get the holes positioned.
You know sometimes, things just appear to be going too well? The spikes were 16mm. I have a 16mm auger bit. No 15 or 17 mind. But it didn't fit properly at first. Hmmmm.
.... But I also have a 19mm bit. That accounted for the casting thickening at the base. ;)
But also. By mad chance, I also have a 16mm starM 16mm countersink (amazing bit of kit btw) that just happened to be the exact hole diameter and made me feel all professional. (Shhh!) 3 different bits to make one hole. Easy at the back. Stop giggling.
When you are waiting for it to go wrong moment because everything is going far tooo well! That's what it felt like.

Anyway. All went ok. Sweet!
The only problem I had in fact was getting the bench on it's ar*e. It's not the weight, just the mass and the size for one man. I tried a few things then thought walk away.
Went down the shed this morning. Looked at it.
If only I had some big metal handles I could plug into the top... :unsure:

Well, turns out I did. And it works really well. :cool:


Space age router work holding. Also bench handles. Who knew?


Need to break the arris off the edges of that oak and slap a little BLO on but hey. It's done.
Only issue is I might need to source some new form of spring as the quick release is not bang on. It 'works' but it's an effort.
That's definitely sortable and a minor price for having such a lovely thing in my shed. I feel quite privileged tbh.
Thanks for all the help and advice on this one fellas.
Cheers as always
Amazing, would never have chosen those colours, but do like it, and very well executed - especially like the 'frame' lines -- seen a few of these now and wouldn't agree with the post saying the original background would be a (boring) Record/Woden blue -- I think it was a very garish emerald blue/green, almost metallic, (some with the gold or yellow lions) so why not black and orange?

Are these 'backless' QR 20th C all the same size? (they did make a 'baby' non-QR bit like a thousand other British brands of the '30s to '70s, but also 'backless').

Regarding the spring strength - is it not poss to tighten it a notch or two?
I love that and am green with envy. I admit to being horrified when you started with those colours but happy to be proved wrong as it looks excellent in situ.
You'll get a huge amount of pleasure using that. (y)
Nice one!
No back plate? Similar to the 52 1/2B from a few weeks ago. Record No.52 1/2 B - Help Identifying
Problem with the 52 1/2B is that all the counter pressure to the front plate goes via the 3 fixing screws/bolts.
This one does it better with those 6 stubby studs - intended to fit tight into matching holes in a big beech worktop, taking the strain as you tighten the vice. The 6 small screw holes just hold the vice in position and don't take the strain. Neat solution.
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