20th Century Colour Add Vise. Fitted it! (Finally).


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Bm101":27xj3pth said:
It's definitely certainly possible Sploo. No doubt about that. :D

Stunning looking casting. I've got one of the old Record 12" vises with the quick release (and buttress thread); it's the workhorse of my garage and I wouldn't be without it; even though it's not as pretty ;)

That looks superb 'naked' (ooh matron!) and I'd vote to leave it as it is now.

However, it might look good 'suited' with your morticer if you go for orange lettering.

lovely work Chris, and yes the mechanism is the standard Record affair (strictly speaking, if you forgive me a bit of vice-nerdery, this should be attributed to Parkinson).

When I was looking at the history of this vice I could not find any compelling evidence on what colour they were originally but now I think that yours - and the one owned by Andy's friend - show they were most likely similar to the old Record pale blue colour


And surely the inventor would not have missed the opportunity to paint the heraldic symbols gold?

If it were me I would do it tractor red with gold highlights. Something tells me that subtlety was not really what Mr Abraham Chris was going for in his design - I am sure he would approve whatever you do so long as it is not too understated!

PS beautiful job on the Meddings

PPS would you mind if I used some of your photos on my blog post about this vice?
I've just seen this thread and that vice is stunning, you lucky, lucky person I'm green with envy. :mrgreen:

I'm not into bright colours and think it looks great in it's just cleaned state so if it was mine I'd keep it that way and lacquer it.
Phil Pascoe":1cdmsp62 said:
sploo":1cdmsp62 said:
... I've got one of the old Record 12" vises with the quick release (and buttress thread)

I think you'll find a buttress thread is a prerequisite of any conventional quick release - the half nut would always jump out of the thread otherwise..
Yep - that was what I was implying.
nabs":m3n1v1vr said:
PPS would you mind if I used some of your photos on my blog post about this vice?
Was hoping you'd pop in and say hello Nabs.
When my lad is off the PC later tonight or tomorrow, I'll post all the pics I took on imgur and pm you a link so they are full size then they are all yours.
Phil Pascoe":1uo48qfq said:
I think I'd have given that vice to a very good artist to paint and kept it on the mantlepiece. :D

Info on the thread makes sense. Thanks to Sploo and yourself.
Thanks Lons. It's nice to have such a lovely thing. I feel quite lucky.

I did an initial 2 coats of primer then blacked the plate so the paint went onto iron not black. The primer got a light sand to remove any black and then under coated.
Initially I painted all the florals but with hindsight I tried to understate it a bit and just did the undersides of the leaves.
It's never going to please everyone of course but hopefully I've not overdone it too much.
Should get the orange on tomorrow with any luck.


Cheers all.
Bm101":3epyw8dc said:
Thanks Lons. It's nice to have such a lovely thing. I feel quite lucky.

I've done the initial stages of primer and undercoat. Will post up when my lad gets off my pc.
It will look great whatever you do with it judging by your other projects.

I said I'm not into bright colours but went out today to a shop, for the first time in 12 weeks to buy a cycle helmet, wanted black but no stock so came away with bright red though my missus said I should have bought the fluorescent yellow or lime green :roll: Haven't been on a bike for years so the helmet is most likely needed. #-o
I'd be very tempted to add a tiny bit of Meddings Grey to a bit of the Orange and see what the colour looks like, might come up gold, might come up dung :lol:
Well. It's done.
It needs another coat or two of the umbrol. The quality difference in that and the machine paint is night and day.
Usually when I do something like this it's all a bit of a learning process. Then when it's finished I'm happy with it. This time I'm not sure. I did it a couple of days ago and thought..... Walk away. Have some patience.
It's growing on me. But I'm not blown away. Can't help but feel I misstepped somewhere I'm just not sure where.
I think I preferred the undercoat colour! The orange is growing on me mind. Perhaps Gronge was the way forward after all Trev. Could be, I see your point.
Criticism, ideas etc more than welcome. My lad reckons I over did the orange on the borders. The undercoat looked ok like that but maybe the orange is all fur coat and no knickers.

Feel free to throw out opinions. I won't be offended.
Promise. :D

I think it looks good and the orange boarders will remind you not to walk too close to the bench to avoid clipping it with your thigh or whatever. :shock:

Maybe orange on the "PATENT" lettering? But I think it looks really good. Unusual, but really good.

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