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10 Aug 2011
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I recon it must have been about 45 years ago, just before I went off to college that I was given this plane, it looked a bit iffy then and it still does now, but it has a Norris type adjuster that intrigued me so I took it along to see if I could try and make it work, well I surface ground the sole and honed it flat then sharpened it but never got it to plane wood it just would not behave so it sat under the bench ever since.
Well today before deciding if I should just chuck it out I thought one last go, so quick look and yes the sole is very slightly hollow so a dab on the edge sander (with blade in but retracted) sharpen it up and blow me down it works a treat.
Feels very light and the handle is very upright compared to my Stanly planes also there is very little lateral adjustment so you need to keep it square when sharpening and I think it probably needs a slightly thicker iron the one it has now is from a Stanly plane.

By the way if anyone can make use of some rippled Ash off cuts (pen blank size) your welcome.

I have one of those in the #3 size. It works not too bad after I gave the basics a going over. GTL made tools for the handyman back in the 1930tes.
I saw a whole tool kit for sale on Ebay a few years back but the asking price was thousands.
P1010015 (1).JPG
I use it a fair bit. Not as refined as my Stanley #3 but it gets the job done.
GTL planes are often found with brass bodies, people often think they are worth a fortune but unfortunately they are not! mine cost me £15 20 years ago probably worth that today!

Just saw you are building a CBG, i just came in from the shed where i have several on the go.
Sorry if I gave the wrong impression. I was not suggesting that a single GTL plane was worth much and I picked mine up as part of a job lot. The tool kit I was talking about was a complete hand tool set in its original chest so the collectors were hovering.
That CB uke was a couple of years ago. Over the last 10 years I have done quite a few. Every time you do one you learn how you can do something a bit better on the next one. I am just about to start a post on the latest build.