"One of a Kind"..Custom Fretwork Frames


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Gill":2qe7tuzd said:
I've got one or two more old pictures hanging around, but they're also battered. If you don't mind seeing them with all their scars, I'll try to dig them out again (goodness knows where they are).
Bring 'em on! You've got to stop teasing us with these small pics, Gill. [-X We've all got stuff that have suffered the slings and arrows and I bet we can all tell the difference between the craftsmanship of the maker and that of Time. Dammit, woman, you're talented! Flaunt it. :D Which I wasn't such an impatient so-and-so with the scrollsaw. :oops:

Cheers, Alf
Looks like you'll be one up on me. If you build an entertainment center you'll be able to go ahead and inlay some scroll work in your doors.
:-k MAybe I'll have to push up trying to use that scroll saw of mine. :lol:

DO you have a style in mind?

Looking forward to the PM. I just wnat to find out id all them words is English. Maybe I can find the stuff around here to make some. i like cold meat but most of the stores don't carry any of the good stuff anymore. USe to be able to get "Head Cheese" Souse" "Onion loaf" and the like at any good store.

Have you guys seen the summer issue of Scrollsaw Workshop. they have an article on dovetailing. That looks like it could realy come in handy in cabinet work. I guess I'm just gonna have to find the time to get on this thing. After the garden is put up I guess.

Hi Dave

I'm a bit tied up today but I'll PM you some recipes later. I just wanted to mention that I have indeed seen the issue of Scroll Saw Workshop that discusses cutting dovetails. At first I thought the work was impressive, but on closer inspection I realised they were mere decorative pieces and the timber was actually connected by mitre joints :shock: . What a con!

Yet there's no reason why dovetails can't be cut successfully on a scrollsaw. Indeed I would go so far as to say that anyone who doesn't have a dovetail jig would be a fool to cut them by hand if they had a scrollsaw available, especially on shorter lengths of wood. Now watch the fur fly :lol: !

Changing the subject, that's a gorgeous table you've made. The detail on the skirt is such that I don't think the addition of scrolled gingerbread would enhance it, but I'm waiting for Lin to disagree with me 8) :) ! To my mind, scrolled detail comes into its own on well-made but relatively plain furniture that needs a feature to lend it distinction.

ok...I have to disagree not to disagree.......Now did that make any sense??????lol
No that table is gorgeous. Nothing else shoud be done to it. The delicate lines on the legs and soft curves on the skirt are right on time. Scrollwork would make the piece too busy and wouldn't add to it but rather take away from it......Now that a piece of art...
Gill":2et597x2 said:
I've read very positive reviews of the Delta 40-540

Anyone thinking of buying a Delta 40-540 might want to be aware of this maintenance issue that's being discussed on a 'Murrican scrollsaw forum. The Delta SS250 (which is the subject of the discussion thread) and the 40-540 appear to be the same model, to all intents and purposes.

That is one super table, Slim. :D What Lin said. Don't think it needs anything else doing to it. At least, I wouldn't - but that's only my view FWIW.