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2 Apr 2024
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I got a scroll saw project on the go. Its a 18" circa 1993. I got this in rusty condition, so took it to pieces awhile ago now i got a few washer left over on rebuild. I tried to get manual didn't realise it would be difficult. So can anybody help.

This seems like a nice machine, motor is brushless just cleaned and the regreased bearings. I also derusted using electrolysis, repainted but i wont sell until i fit surplus washers. Are they any good? I saw earlier post and seemed not liked? I was wondering if the asking price for these is ok? Seen prices around 130quid.
Pricing seems a little ambitious to me, those are OK machines but they are not an "aspirational" model and may well be single speed. If you want to actually shift it you may only be looking at a third of that, perhaps two thirds if you don't mind it being a bit sticky and taking time to sell.

The general problem with anything other than a premium scroll saw is that shipping on an individual basis is both a lot of hassle and relatively expensive compared to the value of the tool. That tends to limit you by and large to local buyers and that tends to depress the market.

£130 is coincidentally exactly what I paid for my Diamond two or three years back. That's a saw to make people jealous and with a 25" throat and 1/2hp variable speed motor. I wouldn't have paid even that had it not been 15 miles away for collection.
Thanks for your reply, i going to keep it i think. But i would like a copy of the manual, when i got it all the parts where not fitted and i am a but unsure what goes where, or can someone please post some pictures . I ve tried youtube and google but mine looks a little different or i just cannot see properly?
I had one of those a few years ago. It had a different name on it, possibly Warco. I picked it up originally for next to nothing thinking it might get used one day. In fact I only ever used it once but came the day when I contemplated some more delicate work and realised I would need to upgrade. I went for the Axminster Hegner look-alike which did the job. I sold the Warco in a tools-and-timber auction and was happy with the 20 quid I got for it.
Video telling me its not together correctly


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Anybody know how this goes together?


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Thanks, i did figure where they went i had to order some bolts, losing stuff in my disorganised garage, doh

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