November Challenge - A Christmas Decoration or ornament

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21 Jan 2011
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A while back a forum member suggested that it may be a good idea to have the Christmas Decoration (December) Challenge in November. This way we can pinch each others ideas and designs in time for well, Christmas. And the Salt and pepper challenge will follow and make some nice Christmas pressies for the inlaws.
So with that in mind...

November Challenge - A Christmas Decoration.

This could be a table ornament/ centrepiece/ tree hanging type ornament/ a tree topper or even a tree! Just something that would come out for the festive period and then be relocated to the attic shortly afterwards.

Usual rules:
Open to anyone and everyone.
New work only please.
To be made on the lathe using wood turning tools.
no minimum or maximum size.

Can be made of multiple woods if desired
Decoration, colouring, texturing is allowed, but again remember its about the turning :wink:
You may also incorporate a non turned item e.g. urchin shell/ bauble etc if desired (a la Ashley Harwood)

Please post 3 or 4 images of your work along with a brief note about how you made it, what tools and finish you used, what wood (if known) and the objects dimensions etc.

for example
1 showing a general view
1 showing a top down/ internal view
1 showing a side view
1 optional photo showing any other feature you think might be of interest

Image size please use image size 640 x 480 0.3 mp, same previous months

Please upload your pics and description between ..

10pm on the 26th
10pm on the 28th

After this time the thread will be locked for Judging
Results will be given on or around 30th

This months judge will be Paul Hannaby.

Any entry's that are outside the rules and requirements will not be judged
The Judges decision is final ( Any negative comments re judging must be via PM only and not on the open forum )
NO Critique or comments on any work until After the Judging and results please.

Have fun! and just a reminder ANYONE can join in.

Any questions please post them in this thread.
spinks":3i4zqmz3 said:
Does it have to be wood, or can any turned material be used?


I expected that it would mostly be made from wood, but I didnt specify that, so as long as it is '' made on the lathe using wood turning tools.'' then I guess yes it can be made from another material.
Georges resin blanks for example??
I ama massive advocate of Georges blanks....must put in a christmas order....but no, this will be from a home made resin blank....possibly....first compo entry and all that so a little worried that I am not up to class!!
Spinks.... did you not see my delicate entry.... my neice could have turned better with her 5yr old eyes closed!!!! Im sure you will be fine!!!!
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