Newbie: Panelling…buy or make?

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28 Feb 2024
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Milton Keynes
Hi everyone. Just joined yesterday. Great looking forum.

Starting out in diy after panelling a few rooms already and whiled pleased with my overall results, I know I can do much better, partly down to getting the right tools for the job and the rest through learning on each project.

If this isn’t the right forum to be asking about panelling just let me know.

I want to panel one whole wall in a bedroom and can’t figure out whether to buy the decorative mouldings or make them using a router (not bought one yet but have a big scratch that needs itching in this area).

For inspiration I’m trying to do what’s in the photo which is 2 pieces laid back to back. Not sure if the wood are pieces of door frame or cut down skirting, so if you have a suggestion I’m all ears. If I go down the router self cut route, do you think there is one bit that might cut that profile or a combination?

Any other advice very welcome. Be gentle please ;-)


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That's architrave stuck on the wall basically 2 pieces back to back of mdf architrave. A decent mitre saw is what's needed to accurately cut those mitres.
If you can find the moulding (such as by buying architrave) that is the best option and then as above a mitre saw to cut it…

A router is very useful but they are not as simple to use as they look - and a shape like that requires a large bit (if you can find that shape) which then requires a much larger router probably in a table… so expensive and complex…
Thanks gents. Never thought to google for architrave.
I have the mitre saw so will go browsing now.

Cheers for the quick responses.