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Doug K-S

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27 Oct 2023
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Hi all.
Excited to find this very informative forum. What a great community...
I am a fellow lover of all things wood, a maker of sorts, and manager of a woodland restoration project on the southern edge of Dartmoor national park in Devon. In this woodland we are evolving as a place to celebrate 'Woodland Culture' on Dartmoor and have built a timber-frame woodland based workshop where we make things from the wood we grow within the woodland and engage lots of people in the journey.
We have a few bits of kit that work hard for us but I am looking to build this up with better equipment.
I am really happy to meet woodworking enthusiasts with experience and knowledge as I am self-taught and feel there are many holes in my knowledge. This can be a bit tricky when helping others get into the world of wood-working, so I imagine I will lean a bit on the community here for advice if that is alright :)
Currently we are working on several exciting projects such as cabin building and bat-box making, bridge fixing etc etc.

[photo for interest. Copyright Emma Stoner]


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Welcome. 99% of people are IME, very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable.

I wasn't born around your area, current live MILES away, but for some reason have a very strong affinity for Dartmoor (holidays there several time in the 70's and 80's). So I am definitely a +1 to those jealous souls posting above, even though Switzerland is also a very "pretty" place in many respects.