Need a fence for an old Meber bandsaw

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8 Apr 2022
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North Devon
A little while ago I picked up an old Meber bandsaw, it works well, although I'm still learning how to get it set up properly. I'd like to get a fence for it but it looks as thought I'd have to cut any fence that goes on the front due to how the blade is removed for changing. There's threaded holes on the underside of the table, but not on the face. I saw that Paul Sellers fitted a Kreg fence, which I'm looking at, to his bandsaws and, once it was securely fitted, just hacksawed a slot through it, which is certainly an option.

Just figured I'd ask here for any other options before cutting a brand new fence in half :)

Also, the mitre slot is very shallow on the table, any mitre gauges that might fit? they all seem to be deeper than this slot would require.


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I'd just bolt a fence rail to the left half of the table (2 bolts). It could extend a little past the blade slot but the blade could come out behind it if the spacers were right. A fence is almost always used on the left of the blade - all that's needed is that the fence can approach the blade for very thin cuts.

I'd make one, or look on ebay for used fences. It's useful if a fence is adjustable though, because bandsaw blades don't always cut true, there's often a bias in the set, even when new but more so when worn.
Felder's or Centauro's take on this for example, is the more sensible option than most others IMO
multico bandsaw.jpeg

Centauro cheap.jpg

Screenshot-2022-3-25 Keile, Kreise, Kopieren mit der Bandsäge - YouTube.png
Screenshot-2022-1-27 Turning Broken Drill Bits Into Lathe Tools.png

Compared to having to either remove the blade or do this malarkey for a quick crosscut.
Bandsaw fence antics - Copy.JPG

That's a very good looking machine you've got there.
It will look brand new when you paint it, some agricultural paint is very good, ut's cheap, glossy, as you don't want a brown machine, and available everywhere.
Be nice to see a juicy thread which is hopefully not too troublesome.

All the best
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Now I've made a proper job at a fix for my broken trunnion,
I'm even less keen on my fence now, as I'd need an auxiliary fence for the left, lol!
Can/will hopefully be making a tall resaw fence to slip onto the one I made
so that can do the job hopefully, bit awkward though should I only need to cut something small.

With some flat say 10x50mm bar offcut, about a fivers worth, one could make the fence bracket aswell as the rail.
Some 40x80 aluminium profile , or whatever shape you like (the heavier gauge stuff!) would make a nice job of it.
I think whichever gauge this is (somewhere around the middle or the road) would do just about regarding rigidity, but not the lighter stuff.

I have a few fittings for the stuff but they seem pants.

One more thing if designing or choosing a fence, is whether there is enough clearance for the door to swing open.


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Thanks for some interesting options, more research needed I think. Something to keep me busy for a little while longer.
That's a handy fence John, mind you, I'd need to buy a mitre guage as I don't have a table saw, so the cost adds up. I've been using a home made fence for a while and clamping it is always a bit of a faff, takes changing things around and never fits quite right due to the underside of the cast iron table not being flat. It was the ease of a locking fence on a proper rail that had me looking at off the shelf fence kits and I'm leaning towards the Kreg fence and rail though I'm waiting until I've watched Steve Maskery's Bandsaw Essentials for which I'm just waiting for the download link to arrive after purchasing it.
Just saw this thread
Is this any use came with a some machinery no use here? Free for postage and a small beer 🤣
It could easily make a fence


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Looks like you could shim the rail out to enable blade changing, if you don't mind loosing an extra inch or so, likely the best approach,
or possibly even make the rail removal easier with some key holes.

I'd look for a review on the rail, regarding the aluminium threads
and also if there is a gib plate to take the brunt of the screw and not chew up the rail.

Kinda seems like they should/might have all these things sorted already?

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