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6 Jun 2018
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Have come across this little metal box, made by Hobbies, so does anyone know what is it for ?
The top plate can be depressed, with the two springs inside then return it to its original open position, the wing nut sets the opening position.
It's a flush mount bench stop.
Veritas do a modernised version.
It's called a insert bench dog, it is to stop movement of timber whist you are planing, when you have finished screw it down till flush with bench top.
That looks really useful if not too expensive I may order a set
I would recommend you stick to a wooden one, just imagine hitting that with your plane blade!

I had a Veritas one.
I finally gave up on it, and replaced it with a wooden one.
The risk of striking it with a carefully honed blade, plus it always got
shavings and dust in the well part, which meant it wouldn't close properly
without being cleaned out.
All in all a real faff and not worth the effort.
HTH :)
Super, thx Daniel & Phil.
I like the concept, but would need care when using as noted. Whatever happened to Hobbies, they made some interesting items.
Adrian if you do decide its to risky for your planes etc, then you could still use it on a different bench or work surface as a handy stop when needed and flush when not :).
I have a collection of Hobbies stuff, and have also not encountered this before.

Bought a shoe box full of patterns on the back s of 1930's grocery adverts!

Incredible prices (on groceries)

Eric in the colonies
Are they still in Dereham, Norfolk? also was a German co w almost same name
Although I cannot find it at the moment I have a really good book on the history of Hobbies
No longer in Dareham and the name is kept alive here
As an aside I was lucky enough to obtain a treadle lathe and fretsaw attachment from a chap in Dareham which used to be in the Hobbies museum
Still trying to find the circular saw attachment.
Cheers, Andy

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