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30 Jul 2009
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Hello chaps , I am down sizing my workshop from 300 to 100 sqft, my projects are also shrinking , I have sold my 5ft planer and considering a myford 5 inch planer local to me ,it has a thicknesser plate but no spring , can it still safely be used as a thicknesser ?
Are they dangerous? I'm trying to down size my machinery to have same facilities on smaller scale as moving from 300to 100 soft to allow another hobby to grow,
Thanks for your reply
I had one and it was beautifully made tbh. And worked well having 3 blades. The thicknesser was less than ideal though being hand fed. But it did result in four square wood.
There's no problem with using a Myford planer it was one of the best made and in my eyes still is far better than the cheaply made units on the market today.
You cannot use the thickening plate without the hold down spring but you can get a new spring cut for it.
I did a write up post on replacing the bearings and what I found:

" I hope this helps someone doing the same restore as once you have it running it is a fine planer to use."

I did a write-up see below:

I read on a UKW post about a guy that had a Myford PR11 planer and he used it most days I remembered many years ago I had one that I tucked away under the bench in the workshop, so dug it out, when it was stored away I had taken out the cutters and adjusters and put them in a box along with 2 sets of spare blades, spanner, grease gun, but the spindle lock had gone missing (good memory). I found over the years it had gained some rust mostly on the shafts, the beds and fence had had lots of wax over the years and this had held off the rust.

So started my job to strip down and bring it back into use, first I got hold of some rust eater to put the shafts and spindle to soak in overnight.

Next thing I stripped down the bearings and spindle, very simple job to do take out the grease nipple each end get a strip of metal drill a hole in it and poke a 0BA bolt through screw into bearing block and pull but first remembering to undue the grub screws, found something interesting in the spindle when you take out the bearing blocks there is a baffle plate with a hole through to push out the opposite bearing case, the centre of the spindle is full of old hard grease when it was greased in the past the grease went through this hole and not much of if any went into the bearings so will make up a bar to be a sliding fit inside the spindle so when you grease them the grease will come back into the bearings, (Myford never thought of that one) will replace with new bearings later, cleaned out the old grease from within the spindle put it into soak.

Then took off the two beds and started cleaning / rubbing down the main casting, day 2 cleaned the two beds and fence, the screws holding the two roller extensions need replacing rusted bad so will make new ones will also replace the spindle lock at the same time.

Took parts out of cleaner they came out well no rust at all so washed off and stored till ready to re-fit.

Well had a good day at the lathe made four 1/4" BSF bolts and the spindle lock all in stainless steel, turned a bar in hard plastic to part fill the void in the spindle, now when you grease it hits the end of the bar and comes back into the bearing rollers, job well done!!!

Paint came today ( BS2660-5-059/0.5L,Sky) so was able to put first coat on perfect match, will leave a few days to harden then finish coat.

When the paint has hardened off I will re-wax the beds and fence I remembered I used to run the heat gun over the cast and applied the wax whilst still warm and you get some wax melt into the cast and it lasted longer.

Well the new bearings and belt came they are now fitted, and I took some more images before moving out the way to get the stand and motor sorted next.

Went digging in the old shed for the stand and motor no go on this at all completely rotted and I don't like the look of the old Hover motor as well so back to the drawing board.

I was thinking of making an aluminium frame for the base but I found I had a frame from an old plotter that is better made than aluminium, now I need to locate a motor and starter.