My first experience of nail guns :-(

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Getting back to nailers

I was looking to buy some nails and pins etc in the axminster catalogue and noticed apart from not stocking stuff unless it goes in a machine a arrow electric nailer et100 retail £46.98 plus extra for the brads.

Looking into the screwfix catalogue I see the same machine £24.99 plus 2000 brads in 15, 20, and 25mm sizes.

Nice bargain I thought ( assuming on reading the early posts in this thread that the thing does the job)

However I get on the website and find low and behold the item reduced to £9.99 with all the brads thrown in,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

YES £9.99 The brads alone cost more than that :shock:

Now either the thing is a crock of **** or thats one hell of a bargain

Anyways, its on order and I will tell you how I get on :)
Because of the IMMENSE interest shown in the bargain nailer :lol: I'll cut this short.

There is a little kickback as expected but for the giveaway price its a great bargain.
Hi bilzee - I have one of those (got it a month or two ago) - it is a bargain. And if you do as it suggests - pressing your other hand on the front firmly it works very well. And of course people are buying them screwfix and selling on ebay for 2-3 times the price!

And as luck should have it I have a Cosmo air nailer (just nailer no stapler function) and I find it very good. Sinks the nails below the hardest woods. Maddog have you set the pressure high enough on your compressor? Maybe the combi one is different to mine.


Hi Gidon, glad someones alive out there :wink:

I'm well pleased with the nailer. If anyone is in the market for one of these, nows the time or even yesterday, methinks they won't last long