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25 Feb 2019
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Guildford, Surrey
I am likely going to want to move a lathe shortly - from the Midlands to the SouthEast. Not a massively heavy one - probably 500-600lbs plus a bunch of accessories. Can anyone suggest a person or transport company who (a) is working currently and (b) would do this carefully, ie is used to lifting and shipping equipment rather than just a "man with a van" ?

If anything has brought home to me just much 'industry' is concentrated in the Midlands / North of our country it's the experience of trying to buy a lathe 'down South' - every one that comes up for sale is half a country away.

As something pretty on a sunny Sunday, here are some pics of a Fobco Star drill I've just about finished cleaning up - picked up an an auction in a sound but grubby state :

I stuck with the original Fobco cream which I rather like, and got a local spray shop to apply it - they made a great job although every little nick now makes me cringe. The nameplate is especially lovely - I've seen some on the 'net which are simply screen printed, but this seems to be from a time when it looks like they layered some steel on top of brass to give a proper stamped look :

...and while I'm here, how would you go about refreshing the markings on the depth dial here :

I need to get some white marker into the grooves without getting it all over the rest of the dial. I'm sure there's a good answer...

Thanks ! Stay safe,


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Very nice job on the fobco! For the dial I would try a white paint pen, then scrape the excess off with a razor blade. Obviously just try it in a small spot before you paint it all! If you want to PM me about moving the lathe I may be able to do it - work isn't exactly heaving at the moment.