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Sold Milwaukee M12 CCS44-602X Fuel Circular saw.


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Richard S

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7 Nov 2005
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This is the only tool that survived the theft of all my other Milwaukee tools a couple of years ago. At the time this happened I had to replace things that day so I could continue working, Milwaukee wasn’t available locally so I ended up investing in Bosch Blue to get me up and running again. This saw has sat at the back of the workshop ever since, lonely and missing his old red friends. Truth is I’m now heavily loaded with Bosch and some DeWalt to fill the gaps and this is more than enough of a logistical problem with two battery platforms that I will never use this saw.
It has only done one job, lifting the ply subfloor of a canal boat that had suffered a major water leak. It comes complete in its case with charger and two 6ah batteries. Powerful beyond anything you would expect from a 12v tool it deserves to be used and I just won’t now. Collection preferred but will post a buyers cost. £195.00
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