Making unused cables behind plasterboard safe.

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6 Apr 2015
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Over the weekend I removed a broken, useless extractor hood from the kitchen. The plan is to replace with a better one that vents outside (nice patch of grease on the ceiling when I took it off).

It was a botch job, wired in to a nearby fused spur via a blanking plate near the ceiling. I can’t be sure which route the cables took but based on the rest of my house it’s probably a random diagonal line snaking around lumps of plasterboard adhesive.

I was advised it’s better practice to run an uninterrupted length of cable straight from the extractor, along a sensible route directly to the spur. I have done this but the old cable is disconnected both ends and will not pull out of the wall at all so I’ll have to leave it.

Multimeter is showing no voltage from either end of the old cable. And I’ve capped the ends to be safe. Can I just stick a square of plasterboard over where the blanking plate was, plaster it and forget about it, and stuff the other end up in the wall somewhere?

My main fear is I have no idea where the old cable went between the spur and the fan, aside from emerging from the blanking plate near the extractor so it’s feasible something weird is happening behind there. I wouldn’t put it past the maniac I bought this house off but I don’t think electricians are ripping everyone’s walls down every time they find something a bit weird so maybe I’m overthinking it.
If it wasn't sheaved it's probably got a dot or 2 on cable fixing it to wall

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