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13 Feb 2020
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This is not a rant, just an observation . . . I am signed up for emails from, amongst others, Axminster & Rutland (I know I can unsubscribe but just the odd item tickles my fancy)

The issue is the frequency - 2 or 3 per day from both suppliers (almost as relentless as Banggood!) - is that effective marketing?

Rutlands seemed to have really stepped up the intensity and have more and more own-brand items that are rebadged and exactly the same items as from Banggood or Aliexpress at about 4 times the price (or more) - OK they are available next day but a lot of Banggood stuff is delivered with 7-10 days which is good enough for me.

Am I alone in my thoughts?
I have seen the trend all over.

"Replace all proper products with rebranded junk and step up marketing to the point that people cannot avoid seeing the stuff all around them and then they will buy the junk at any price"

Apparently some marketing prophet has been teaching that principle lately and all his diciples are eager to follow the new gospel.
Last week I suddenly started getting a strange page when I opened google through Opera. It said I had an item in my basket and did I want to continue shopping? Suddenly a couple days later I had TWO items in my basket. W.T.F.?

On clicking and digging heres what I came up with from Opera help pages;

Once you visit,, or and check out at least three products there, Opera will create a new Continue Shopping section on your start page, displaying your most frequently and recently viewed products on those sites.

Opera does not send your Amazon, AliExpress, or Otto browsing history to the Opera servers. Continue Shopping works fully within your browser, without any network look-up, and will only appear for active Amazon, AliExpress, or Otto users who have looked into at least three different items.

Not bad considering I had only looked at two items, once each, and had put neither in a cart nor bought either of them. I clicked the "do not show again" and told them I was not happy with their spam.
Lets see what happens.

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