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6 Nov 2023
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Anyone got one, are they worth the money? I’m after a milling motor that takes 8mm shanks and goes down to 4,000 rpm like the FM1000. Best price I’ve seen is just under £300 with the postage and additional collets are over £25 each so it’s not cheap.
The sales blurb for the machine says the collets are ER16, widely available for considerably under £25 each.
No it doesn’t, you’re looking at the wrong model. The FM1000 has proprietary OZ collets:


The machine you’ve looked at is the Mafell FM1000 PV-ER. This does indeed take standard ER collets but costs £122 more than the FM1000.
The collet you linked to doesn’t look like the Mafell one above.

The collet you linked to doesn’t look like the Mafell one above.

Have you considered that the santool site might be using a generic picture?

You are the one complaining about the Mafell collet costs. I am simply trying to save you some money. Why all the negativity? Go and research the topic if it interests you; if your time cost to do so exceeds the possible cost saving, just pay the money and smile.

There is a Felder-branded motor that looks identical to the Mafell one ( I think Kress made/makes a similar one.

They all seem to be examples of a breed, '43mm euro spindle' might find the other examples (e.g.

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