lost washer axi mitre guide


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17 Jan 2023
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for this one

Just wonderinng what these are known by as have lost the washer at some point during a clean up.

size of set screw is m4 I think, washer would be 19mm I'm assuming

anyone know where I can buy one or would I just need to spend a day rummaging about?

thanks !
It is a bit difficult to understand which part you are talking about.

It is a guess, but I think you might be looking for what Axminster call the 'locking washer'. This is the bit that hooks under the head of the Tee when you have a mitre T-slot instead of a plain groove. If so, it will not be 19mm as that is the width of the plain slot (shaft of the Tee). Its diameter would be to suit the head of the Tee.

I think it is shown in this image:

(from this page: UJK Precision Mitre Gauge Fence & Flip Stop)

If Axmister were smart, they would make the part to look like a Unistrut nut. Then you would not need to remove it if you had a plain slot, just rotate it 90 degrees. It would never be lost then.