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18 Dec 2019
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Hi everyone, I have a DeWalt 7485 table saw and just recently had to cut a lot mitres This has exposed the shortcomings of the supplied mitre gauge. Having had a look around tinterweb I've come to the conclusion that what I need is an Incra miter 1000 se mitre gauge. Does anyone have experience of this mitre gauge and more to the point has anyone used one on a DeWalt 7485. Any pitfalls and problems experienced would be welcome 🤗
Hi johnwa. I have the mitre 1000se used in conjunction with my dewalt dw745lx ,it was expensive as had to import from the states but it was on offer and before the shipping costs went crazy. Well I’ve had no major problems and it transformed my mitres but set up is essential. Make sure you saw is running parallel to the miter slot and fence to the blade . ( I know you won’t be using the miter gauge and the fence combined but just confirm it’s all set up 100%. Then onto your se1000 mine was brand new and out of the box was ready to go but it’s important to set up the expansion slots as per the instructions. Once this is done you should be able to slide it along the mitre track easily and with no play within the slot. Then simply test using a confirmed 90deg square. If I recall you can adjust the se 1000 if you need to but if your saw is set up correctly then you probably won’t need to . A few test cuts should confirm if you done this correctly. By the time I purchased the se1000 and paid the shipping and then got stung for import duty and tax it was almost as much as dw745 but in use this is soon forgotten and the supplied gauge can have its rightful place in the BIN.. good luck
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Thanks Bingy, looks like its just me & thee then! Good to know you had no major problems fitting the mitre gauge. I just have to get on the interweb to sort out how to check my mitre slot against the saw blade, then I've got to steel myself to spend at least £200 on a mitre gauge, that'll be the hard bit lol.
a nicely made tool.......not sure how they make it and sell it for 200......

same cast iron table saw fence I was thinking of changing...
Biesemeyer or anything same/better available in Europe as apposed going to the US stores.....
Thanks Bingy, looks like its just me & thee then! Good to know you had no major problems fitting the mitre gauge. I just have to get on the interweb to sort out how to check my mitre slot against the saw blade, then I've got to steel myself to spend at least £200 on a mitre gauge, that'll be the hard bit lol.
Hardest bit is getting the blade square because it your saw has the same mountings as mine it’s difficult to get it into position,check it’s square and then lock the bolts off all at the same time . I wish it was the same set up as my dewalt miter saw whereby every possible adjustment has a designated nut or bolt that you simply turn until it’s square against your reference point. On reflection a 2nd person may overcome the set up issues. If your saw came with a standard gauge ( yeah the c a rpy one it should fit perfectly but I know the models can vary . There are similar gauges to the mitre se 1000 but at the time I got mine it was rated as the dogs bits and bobs. There are a couple on bang good that have actually got some good reviews but I have no actual experience of these . Woodpeckers do an exact mitre gauge but unless available in the uk outlets then it’s shipping and duties etc .. just recalled a very minor issue of the gauge leaving a scratch in the surface of my saw table but that was possibly my fault. .. have fun and spend wisely.👍👍👍
I have the Incra HD version, over spec'd for me to be honest, but it was precise out of the box, the run in onto my saw blade is a bit short once the guide is fully engaged in the track, (I'm running it on a Laguna F3) meaning stock width has to be allowed for, I don't particularly like the back stop, and will probably engineer a more flexible solution in time, plus I will get a longer fence to accommodate this upgrade.

I bought mine through Peter Seftons shop, Mitre gauge they had a discount on them the other week!!!

I was tempted to buy the Incra 5000 system, which at the time would have suited my specific need, but couldn't justify the cost, (I know Ian Hawthorne the box maker use's it )
Thanks for the responses blokes, any knowledge is very welcome here. I dont think I'll be buying direct from the States, by the time I've factored in shipping costs and run the risk of import duties it is probably as cheap to buy from Peters store and be hassle free lol!. I'm getting too old for arguing now, anything for a peaceful life. I did look at China Tools and saw a Hongdui? mitre gauge which got good marks but it didn't have a fence, if you added in the cost of a fence it was dearer than buying a well proven Incra so I don't think I'll bother with that. Thanks everyone for your input to any other comments will be appreciated. John
I had both the incras, v120 and the 1000hd.

The v120 is definitely a cost effective option as you can use a bit of MDF as your fence until you can buy an incra fence. Also a better option for making sacrificial fences to get no tear out.

The 1000 hd / se are an all singing all dancing option with fine adjustment and a fence. But the cost reflects that.
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I was looking for a mitre gauge to use on my DeWalt and was looking to get a Incra 1000SE. I got very close a couple of times but ended up getting a Wnew one from Bangood. TBH I've not used it in anger as I tend to be doing more by hand recently and only get the table saw out occasionally.

Hooked on Wood did a good review:

Obviously the likes of woodpeckers, I gauging etc are in a class of their own but recently I was looking at the woodpeckers parallel guide set for track saws at £540 or so , the Banggood equivalent was £70 or so and due to several good reviews I purchased it . While I have not used it in a project yet I can’t fault the quality and ok it’s a clone but I can’t justify the w/p cost .