Live edge Table Knot/Crack filling recommendation.

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23 Jan 2014
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West Sussex
Pound shop epoxy and ground instant coffee.
I had to fill loads of knots in pippy oak and it worked a treat, the more coffee the darker the epoxy.
Araldite set almost instantly so avoid it, go for the cheapest stuff.

I'd be cautious of using a contrasting colour. You have a bit of tearout and a not completely perfect edge join, and a dark contrasting colour such as black would highlight things which you don't necessarily want to highlight. Pete's suggestion of a (pale) brown colour would seem sensible to me.
I have Liberon ground pigments- burnt umber, red ochre, yellow ochre, and black- which I mix with neutral epoxy filler in whatever blend matches. It's usually best to make it a bit darker than the wood as it doesn't stand out, unless the wood is quite pale. If it's a large knot I sometimes fill and sand, and then carve some detail into the filler with a veiner, and then fill with a different shade.

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