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List of notable woodworkers who use only hand tools


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9 Dec 2015
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Vienna, Austria
As you did I lined out and insulated the existing walls and from 6 feet away from the door I could hardly hear anything, I asked one of the neighbours and she said she hadn’t even realised there was anything going on, so let’s hope it works for you.
Phew, I have a chance then! I can sleep well again. :) English is my second language and I got it differently.

Haha, was her fella as impressed
Hehe, under her apartment, not under her! :) Anyway, my tools (or machines) are too big and probably scared her away.

About the original topic now. I like scientific approach and completeness. I value the most (paid) videos of The English Woodworker (Richard McGuire), learned a lot from them. Heck, he even used axe to split away part of a board. Learned how to use saw (still learning) from Christopher Schwarz and two hours lecture from The Renaissance Woodworker. How to plane I learnt from David Charlesworth and Paul Sellers. Also chisels they teach well. How to sharpen I learnt from comprehensive lecture in Russian. Workshop equipment and ways to camp or trap a workpiece were extensively demonstrated by Roy Underhill, among other things. Chip breaker / cap iron setting and when it is too close, about right or too far away I learned from D_W (David Weaver) video. Read every hand tool review by Derek Cohen and dreamed about each tool (many of them I bought, one by one every month).

oh and watch everything that has footage from colonial williamsburg in it
Hunted for those too! They can also use axe and what not!

Here is how I dimensioned construction grade soft wood, 100x100 mm, 1500 mm long:
You see 4 of them here, and it is about one weekend work, among other duties. They are so straight and true that there is no visible gap when I put any face on any. Angle is usually not so precise but close. This year I will have yet to learn how to do the same with machines...