Irwin/Marples chisels, drop in quality

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28 Aug 2016
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Spurred on to post this on the back of @TRITON recommending Marples split proof chisels in another thread.

I have used the Marples split proof chisels for years, never had a problem with them and always recommended them to people. Recently bought a second set for my site kit to save for the good stuff so I always have a sharp chisel on hand (also have an older 3rd set in the workshop), I will just say I think the quality has definitely dropped.

New and old together, you can see the old one has had more use

chisels 1.jpg

The rhubarb and custard is hardly used but look at the difference in handles

chisels 2.jpg

Every time I strike the new one it mushrooms over a bit more, yes I use a claw hammer but it's never bothered any of the other split proof Marples I have.

Just another grumpy old man moaning that things aren't what they used to be.
I still have some old Marples chisels with the split-proof handles, including a 5/16"mortice chisel and a 1" with the "rhubarb" completely rubbed off, And they are definitely in a different league. I've also had several boxed sets of the new ones over the years. The finish on the blades, of these, is poor, with milling marks often left .

There seem to be quite a few look-alikes around, which , though not branded, I suspect , might come from the same factory. But, then the Irwin/Marples ones are relatively cheap, with the clones being even cheaper. And - at the end of the day - you do get what you pay for.

Time I think to look elsewhere for my next set.
Thankfully I still have a 4 piece sheffield shamrock set comprising of 1" 3/4" 1/2" and 1/8" .take a wicked edge and are a pleasure to use,
picked up for £1.50 on carboot, totally abused but cleaned up lovely

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