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25 Jan 2023
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Hello all.
I'm a keen amateur/hobby woodworker living in Devon. We moved here 18 years ago partly to find space for a better workshop but it then took 15 years to happen. I do a lot of rough carpentry around the farm - doors and frames, window frames etc. mainly in oak. I also make furniture - beds, tables, bedside cabinets to a slightly less rough finish, and smaller projects like boxes.
My grandfather was a joiner/cabinetmaker and I'm lucky enough to have inherited some of his hand tools to which my father added a small Elu combination saw/router table to which I've added a Triton workbench, Shecppach PT and Electra-Beckum BAS315 bandsaw, a Charnwood morticer, dust extractor and a Record pillar drill . I love having the machinery to resaw and plane up the bulk of the timber but get more pleasure from working with hand tools - I can feel my grandfather's and father's hands on the handles and feel them looking over my shoulder (not always approvingly!).
So the plan was(is) to upgrade the machinery now I have a bigger (36 sq m) and insulated workshop, but I have to admit to dithering - every time I think I've made a decision another option pops up, and the more confused I become!
I started out planning to buy a table saw, but the EB bandsaw has a number of issues so I might be better spending the money on a better bandsaw. I've seen there are lots of helpful threads on choosing machinery so I'm going to work my way through them and see what comes up.
Looking forward to benefiting from the wide knowledge base represented on the forum.
Welcome to the madhouse! You’ll find loads of useful advice and tips here.

My two pence worth re. table saw vs upgraded bandsaw. If you work a lot with sheet goods then a table saw probably makes sense. Although a decent track saw (maybe in conjunction with an MFT style bench) can do many of the same tasks. A good quality bandsaw - floorstanding, heavy frame and wheels, powerful motor - is great for solid wood. I work almost exclusively with local hardwoods and find a combination of bandsaw and large PT is perfect for dimensioning parts. If cash is tight and you can only justify one or the other then the bandsaw imo is the more essential and versatile machine.

I’m sure other people will be along shortly.
Hi everyone

been messing about with wood most of my life …..though wasnt allowed to do O level woodwork as I was ‘too clever’ 😂. With a maternal grandfather who was a joiner and my dads brother a coach builder ….I guess I have some wood genes in me.

Most if my woodwork to date has been building various speaker cabinets for my other obsession HiFi & music, but I built a very distinctive coffee table 10 years ago from a vertical slice/slab of an oak tree and used a limb off another tree split in two to form some very organic legs.

Recently started to do three small tables in 30 m thick live edge walnut with hairpin legs for my eldests first house …..and my wife suggested I could do more of this 😁😁. Just started on some spalted beech cookie cut pieces as coffee tables - I’ll post up some pics etc on a thread


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