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Pete M

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27 Apr 2024
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Hi all. My name’s Pete and I’ve just joined this great forum! Since moving to norfolk I’ve discovered a huge love for woodworking. It started after the father in law helped us to build a workshop that we divided in two, one half for me and one half for my wife (she’s an artist). Since then my woodworking has gone from balsa model planes and jumped to making a bed, another bed, two console tables, cupboards and currently I’m in the process of making a bench seat for our dining room..I’m certainly not a seasoned woodworker and I’ve got loads to learn… improving accuracy is my current struggle but I’m loving every minute of it! Oh… forgot to mention that I initially came across this forum because I was trying to see which bandsaw my record Dmb65 is the equivalent of and already saw (thanks to this forum) that it’s an electro Bekum bas 15 so I’m one step closer to finding the spares I need…
Other than woodworking, I’m a sound editor by trade and also like making model balsa planes.. free flight and also have a slight addiction to synths and modular synths… other than that, I’m looking forward to learning and asking all sorts of questions…
All the best
Hello and welcome , I’m pretty sure as your woodworking progress continues that other half of the workshop will look b more and more inviting 😂 good luck 🤞
Good to be here and you’re right… a lot of the time the other half seems a lot tidier and less covered in shavings than my side!
Surely the other half being an artist, you convince them they require more natural light, then bung a lean to glass house/green house on the outside, help move their stuff out, be generous and do it as a favour when they're out,
Then change the locks, move your extra kit in, and hope for the best 🤣🤣🤣
Thanks everybody, you’ve all made me feel most welcome…I’ve been woodworking for only around the five years we’ve been in this house and I’m by no means in the upper leagues of craftsmen! I will certainly be asking a lot of questions going forward!