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22 Aug 2020
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Hi everyone,

Im Davey living near Warrington in Cheshire, ordered a shed which is coming mid November hopefully.
im ok’ish at diy but not many tools as no where to store them in the house hence why a shed is needed plus getting into mountain bailing with the kids 😂😂.

The shed is a 10’ x 10’ pent workshop, I went for a workshop as the roof was higher than a standard shed, it’s having double doors on the front left side and 2 windows with 1 being able to open.
I paid a bit more and went for 3x2 framing and 22ml tanalised timber.

I know I could probably of got someone to make one cheaper but COVID has put a stop to doing most things as everyone is booked up for months, ours is taking 4 months 😳😳.

Will be getting a new patio laid for it to be put on and the company are putting the shed on bearers to help with air flow oh and armoured cable laid at the same time as patio.

so will have many questions regarding insulating the floor walls and roof and boarding it out and more then likely see if anyone else is keeping multiple bikes in their sheds.

speak soon Davey

feel free to make me envious with pictures of your shed/man caves
Hi Davey, welcome to the forum. There's lots here for you to enjoy and plenty of help if you need it from the fine folks
Welcome Davey. "Wot 'ee said" (above) :) Seriously, don't be afraid to ask any questions, the vast majority of people here will be pleased to help, and the depth and breadth of knowledge and experience is very wide indeed.
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