I hate doors!


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26 Jun 2005
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grimsby Humberside
I got finished late tonight due to being out on a job fitting some doors. I couldn't believe how long it has taken me to fit 6 doors, 10 hours! :eek: The doors were all veneered oak B & poo specials. I also had to change the position of the catches as the original doors were too low for the customer so had to chisel in new catch plates and fill in the old ones in the frames. The maximum I could trim off each door was only 5mm per edge! this included the tops and bottoms! :shock: I had to cut through the veneer on the bottom of two of the doors as they needed more than 10mm removing so had to make sure I chamfered the edges to stop any catching and splintering. All in all a day I do not want to repeat in a hurry. 5mm edges! what do these companies think we are magicians! :evil: Sorry guys, rant over, going to have a vodka and coke now. :lol:
My mate used to brag about fitting a house full of doors in a day, mind you he supplied the doors and refused to fit doors the customer had bought, the reason being, he too disliked b & poo doors! Enjoy your vodka and coke you deserve it.

I was at a house recently where chipboard was showing on the hinge edges. I don't know if it was bad doors or bad carpenter. The doors were Howden's so I'd assume they're ok?
Veneered doors are a real pain to fit sometimes. Got to be so careful not to go through the lippings. Not that I have done that before... [SMIRKING FACE]

The one thing that I have found helps for trimming the doors down is the track saw. No need to score a line with a Stanley knife to prevent the breakout. Though obviously the edges still need chamfering.
I don't envy your day at all!

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Horrible horrible horrible. Been there. All you can do is put a day like that behind you. (After your vodka)
I have fitted the howdens version of these and unfortunatly found out the hard way about the trim limits..
Now whenever i fit doors i ask the customer if they are supplying the doors where they are from. In old houses sometimes its impossible to fit this type of door correctly and can be eaier to fit a sort of thin ply lining inside the whats already there
tomf":1dv504j5 said:
Trim limits pahhh, just cut the lipping off and stick it back on when you're done :)

This is what we do for flush 1hr veneered flush doors which have to be cut down in width and height then made into a door set in the workshop. Much easier in a workshop environment with a panel saw. Cutting off the lipping then re-attaching can give a pretty good joint since it has the matching edge veneer on it.
I was told a couple years ago that £40 per door was about the going rate which seemed a lot to me, but having done a few it's about right, 6 in a day is good going I reckon
So do I! Non woodworking people just think they are big flat hunks of wood and should be dead easy. But what's to stop your carefully made door from twisting once in? Hopefully good timber choice good design and good paint but it doesn't always work out and most of the external doors I made for my house have been tweaked at some point. Mainly because I used to fit them with 2pence gap which I have found is too small to allow for movement of an solid wood exterior door although fine inside. I now use 2 2pence pieces which gives a larger gap and is still fine with 20m thick stops. Saves me getting called back cause the things sticking. Ok in theory an exterior door could shrink say in dry weather but never seems to happen :lol: .

Feel your pain with ready made doors. The last lot I fitted the door frames were old and had bowed at the head so I had to plane the door head concave!
Well that has made me feel better guys thanks. I just thought it was along time to fit 6 doors. Anyway on the amusing side this morning On my way to work I got a call. When I got to work I looked who it was only to find it was the customer with the doors? my heart sank thinking something was wrong but on calling him back he notified me I had left my 1" auger in his garage. :lol: Relieved I told him I would pick it up next week.
I reckon on 4 -5 doors per day in old houses, depends where they are and how many stairs there are to carry the pippers up and down. If cutting outside, weather is also a factor as is size of the doors.

I get £40 per door too.