Hyundai 24l Silent Compressor and Silverline 50mm Nailgun

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22 Mar 2017
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South Yorkshire
I've posted a couple of times looking for other peoples experiences / advice on getting a 18v nailer compared to an air nailer and compressor.

I already owned an old machine mart ranger compressor that was the loudest thing on God's green earth - so loud I reckon I've used it about 3 times.

After umming and aaahhing for far too long, I bit the bullet and went with the air compressor and nailer.
I bought the "Silent " Hyundai 24l model from Hyundaipowertools. Decent price as I got a 20% off voucher via Ebay (the voucher code has expired but they have them regularly) - so £124 for the compressor.




First impressions are that it is not silent. It's not even as quiet as a fridge. But then it's not noisy, and I doubt anyone outside my garage workshop will hear it when its on. You could easily have a conversation with it running and not need to raise your voice. I feel I will be comfortable using it with the noise it produces.

Minor assembly required to attach the 2 wheels and the rubber feet for the front. Annoying (well to me that is) that one is a 17mm spanner and the others are 14mm spanners.

It comes with 2 connectors and a regulator as supplied. The connectors are PCL XF type (I think these are often referred to as Euro connectors). Typical that everything else I have is PCL standard. This meant a quick order to screwfix for a bunch of connectors and couplers.


The cable (hardwired to the switch) is just 80cm long - so I will plug it into a short 2 gang extension. The on/off switch is a bit clunky / stiff, but no more so than the MM predecessor - its getting a bit easier now I've used it a few times. Switched it on and it is reasonably quick , certainly as quick as I expected for the money, to fill the tank. It took about 2.25 minutes to fill from empty.

The nailer I chose was the 10-50mm silverline one. I bought this as @Droogs (hope your well fella) has recommended this a number of times. It was a bit more (covid and brexit no doubt) than the £20 Droogs paid, but at £37 (FFX) it doesn't break the bank. Came with a PCL standard coupler - typical :)


I ended up buying a PCL xf hose (10M) a coupler, and a bunch of adaptors from screwfix to connect everything up. They were delivered this morning.

I bought a selection pack of tacwise nails (15,25,30mm) to get me started.

Hooked up the nailer with the new hose and couplers and I'm pretty happy with the results. As I mentioned in the other thread, I generally got good results and the nails going about 1-2 mm in, apart from when I pulled the trigger slowly causing an air leak, or used the bump method (something I am unlikely to do again). If I use the nailer regularly I may upgrade to one with a depth control, but I'm happy with this so far. @Droogs you were correct - its pretty good for the money.

I've recently bought the 50L duel-motor version of the Hyundai Silent Compressor and I'm very happy with it

I agree that the only real downside is the length/quality of the mains cable so the first thing I did was replace it with 4m of 1.5mm H05RR-F which is a flexible rubber-sheathed cable - cost was under £7 inc. delivery.

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