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For Sale Hormann Sectional Garage Door


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19 Jan 2019
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Automatic door complete with 240v motor currently dissembled and in storage. I bought this with a view to fitting it to my new workshop but this has been delayed due to rising costs and ironically I've now decided to make wooden ones!

I am asking £125 collection only from NN11 3YT as although it has always been dry stored the frame and door sections do need cleaning down and given a coat of suitable paint. A couple of the small glass panes also need replacing, these were cracked when I bought it, and I can supply the name of a Company that can supply replacements at a reasonable cost. The sectional doors are insulated and roll up and down in a curved track. It also has a lock and keys and a rubber weather seal on the bottom section. There are a couple of very useful installation videos on YouTube that I can also send but you could commission a garage door installer to do it for you as it is a well respected brand.

Here are the pictures of it installed just before I bought it:

s-l500 (3).jpg

s-l500 (1).jpg

s-l500 (2).jpg

s-l500 (4).jpg
So sorry Chris there's been a bit of a crisis at home this last couple of weeks.

The doors measures 2.8m (9ft) by 2m (6ft 7") plus a bit extra for the frame.