Hoping I can make this Startrite Mercury 2 live again!


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With all due respect,.....The whole of the inside of that motor looks like it could do with a good clean, and while you're at it, you can check to see if all the connections are okay.

Did you find the terminal code markings on the terminal board...? Check to see if your connections are the same as I posted up in my pictures......

It’s definitely a bit on the rough side! I found this….


But you can barely read it - that’s after editing the pic. You can’t see anything really with the naked eye
Ok so I’ve bowed to my lack of electrical knowledge and done what @HOJ suggested and taken the motor to Electrical Rewinds in Norwich.

Very nice bloke had a look at it for me and I was on the right track for a bunch of the fixes which is nice to know.
That being said, there was an issue I probably wouldn’t be able to fix. I think he said the entire Bakelite board was going back to earth. No idea why it worked yesterday but not today but there you go.

Because of the contact blowout I’d previously found, he’s replacing the whole board with something from his odds and sods bin.

Looks like the fix could be a max cost of £60, so it still brings in the drill to around 100 all in, which is way cheaper than anything comparable on the market these days.

He also confirmed that it was single phase, and unlikely to be a high amp draw which was comforting.

So I’ll wait to hear, but I’m pleased the motor is with a professional, and once I get it back and wire up the switch it’ll be a beast that’s still a bargain 😁

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