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19 Mar 2020
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Hi all,

I'm looking to add a table saw and bandsaw to my very limited workshop collection.

I'm going to order this week - and I'm thinking of these (both from machine mart) -

Clarke CTS10D 10" (254mm) Table Saw - £215.98 (link)
Clarke CBS225 228mm (9") Band Saw (230V) - £227.98 (link)

If there is anything better for a similar price - please! let me know.

thanks so much
Maybe a better bandsaw or table saw by combining that budget?
Personally, and everyone's mileage will differ here, but I would be wary of that Clarke TS. It will have a brush motor therefore very noisy and unlikely to be very accurate. I would definitely be looking at used.
Youve heard it a thousand times; buy cheap, buy twice.
Its true.

Think long and hard what you want to do with that bandsaw. Have you actually seen it? Its tiny.
A 1 foot square table?
A MAXIMUM depth of cut of 3 1/2"? In real life you'll reduce that by 20% at least
Thats a model makers tool. It wont cut any kind of hardwoods for any kind of furniture.
Dont shop by price, you will regret it again and again.
Shop by what you want the tool to do. If you cant afford to buy the tool that you want for the work you want, then wait a while and save.
Cheers guys.

So to get something "decent" I should be looking at about £400 for each tool?

I'll have to have another look through the options.
You need to think what work you will be doing, and what wood you will be using. If you make things out of plywood, perhaps a table saw first. If you have access to lots of large timber that needs resawing then perhaps the bandsaw first.

Even worse advice from this perspective would be go with hand tools and learn the job properly, but it's not something I have done (yet). I went with Axminster because of free postage, but if I lived in the UK I would buy second hand, and if possible a monster cast-iron old lump, because they look fabulous. My budget was the same as yours, so I spent £500-600 on each, because you only buy once; at least so I hope. I certainly don't have buyer's remorse, or money, any more. Luckily I get "free" wood, so I can still play.
Good points there Trainee =D>

I think, to be honest, I don't "need" a table saw yet. I use a Kreg Rip-Cut Circular Saw Edge Guide - you put your circular saw in it, and it lets you do rip cuts. It might not be as accurate as a table saw. But it works for me.

I'm going to get a Record Power BS250 bandsaw - I've got the record power dust extractor - its induction motor, and they seem to make quality stuff. It'll do what I need. Which is really basic woodwork at best :D
BodgeJob":1rkx6r4p said:
Cheers guys.

So to get something "decent" I should be looking at about £400 for each tool?

I'll have to have another look through the options.

For the bandsaw, £300 or a little more will get you a secondhand Record BS300E which is a useful size machine.
Bought a 250 Axminster craft saw a d sold it within 6 weeks and blew a was of cash on a Record Sabre 350. This is obviously pretty extreme but my point is if you've never had a Bandsaw you'll quickly realise what a great machine they are and re highly likely to want more power and more depth or width of cut quite quickly.

I've learnt the hard way so many times that buying cheap always ends in buying twice.

Take your budget, spend a little more on top of it than you can really afford and thank yourself in 6 months time