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26 Oct 2006
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Does anyone have any recommendations for a hinge routing jig please?

I have to fit 6 new doors to my house soon and would like to rout the doors and frames for the hinges to speed things up a little. I don't want to spend too much as after I've done these doors I don't think the jig will get too much use.

I have seen this one and this one on the Axminster site and wondered what your thoughts were on them, if they're suitable, or any other recommendations you may have.

Its easy to make one in mdf and pin it in position. guide bush and cutter with bottom cut required.

The first one you list is very limited in its applications as it can only cater for two hinge sizes and if yours' don't match then you're stuffed. I bought one and regret not buying the second one you list.

Thinks.....might well sell it and buy the better one...

But as OLD says...if it's for a one-off use then much better/cheaper to make your own especially if you can stick to the same hinge sizes for all doors.


EDIT - have just re-read the description of the first jig listed and I'm wrong it saying it only caters for two hinge sizes. What I really meant to say was that I could never find the right bush/cutter combination to match the hinges that I had!!
Hi Steve,
They are pretty simple jigs to make but when I had 10 new doors to fit recently I went for the Trend Hinge jig and it made the job very easy.
It too will handle only the two common hinge sizes 50 and 75mm I recollect but that was fine for my needs.
A good jig which paid for itself with a quality fit to the hinges on all 10 doors.
regards, beejay
I have a full length hinge jig but rarely use it preferring to use a lightweight router and say a half inch diameter straight bit freehand to cut the guts out of the mortice as close to the lines as I dare then finish it up with a sharp chisel. Because the mortices are very shallow the cuts is quite controllable and you can use the router fence to set the hinge leaf depth if you want. I found single hinge jigs a pain to keep setting up, 6 times per door.
Cheers Andy

Make your own a friend of mine has the long Trend jig but its rubbish.

I prefer to score each end of the hinge cutout with a knife to stop splintering. I used the Trend jig and it just tore the grain at each end of the hinge. You could probably still score it but not easily also the hinge jig holes are a set distance apart which is no good on smaller cupboard doors etc.

Make your own most of the ready made ones are just a rip off.

Oh by the way I do em the same as Andy freehand I never seem to get time to knock up a jig.
I have a couple of mdf jigs that I made.

But in reality I chop them all out by hand and it's much quicker.

Well quicker for me as I seem to end up hanging a lot of doors and I have got really fast at doing it.

But if you dont do it a lot then I would reconmend a home made one.

Thanks for the replies. I think I'll go down the home-made MDF jig route and keep the £40 towards a new toy :)


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