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31 May 2019
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Newcastle under Lyme
Just joined so thought I'd say hello.
The short story. Just about finished doing my house up and really enjoyed the timber jobs so I've just bought a new table saw and I'll be building my new workshop in the garden over the next few weeks.

So, first question... I'm making an umbrella stand (a long box with no lid essentially) out of an 18mm ply off cut. I dont want any visible joints so I've (attempted) to mitre them.

So, to try to make this clear. You have a sheet of wood, you more one edge with the table saw. Then you spin it round to do a mirror image mitred down the other side.. But, oh I might have worked it out lol...

The problem was the thin edge of the first mitre (once I'd spun it round) was against the bottom of the fence and slipping underneath a bit. This meant the timber wasn't running through in a smooth straight line and caused the second mitre to be all over the shop.

But, if I turn it over the mitre' s point will be 18mm above the table and flush against the fence.

Why is it so clear to me now...

Anyway I'll have another go like that and see how it goes.

I look forward to chatting and learning.


Its called "talking it through" and you dont always need two people yo do it. :roll: :D
Welcome. =D> =D>
Welcome to the forum Jim
The Wadkin PK has this feature, as well as old Multico's for a start, but the latter don't have
a tilting arbor.
Sounds like a jig might be helpful for these type of cuts,
I read on here before that those fillets can make shockingly good harpoons.


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