Help! Sticking down uncoupling Tile matting

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14 Oct 2011
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Holmes Chapel
Hi all, ….big help please.
I have an emergency tile of a bathroom floor tomorrow. It has to be done and completed tomorrow. I’d like to use Schluter Ditra uncoupling matting as I have a load and it’s Sunday tomorrow. What can I use to stick it down to the floor. I can’t get any of the proper adhesive in time? equally what’s the best tile adhesive to use with it? I’m stuck with say Screwfix or Toolstation as being the only reliable places open. It’s got to be rapid set, as I’ve to grout and replace the toilet and sink before the sun goes down! All the good stuff in Screw / Tool is next day order, I can get their no nonsense floor and wall rapid set, but not sure if it will stick to the plastic matting?
I’m pants at tiling so usual leave it to the experts, but needs must.