hammer n4400 set up advice


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1 Nov 2022
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hi all ....so with my first descent sized bandsaw and a new 1" 3tpi excalibur ripping blade I am attempting to correctly set up my saw but am having a question: now ive seen most people on internet videos set up the gullet of the teeth in the centre of the wheel...
BUT! ive seen several posts on line stating that on the hammer n4400 saw the teeth ( as far as the bottom of the gullet) should be sticking out over the edge of the wheel.. has anyone any knowledge about this?
also is anyone running a 3tpi 1" blade on their hammer saw? feedback most welcome ... thanks in advance jim
I have the Hammer N4400 and set it up with a 3 TPI 20 mm blade. It should definitely ride on the crown of the wheel. The teeth of modern blades are hard enough not to distort on the rubber wheels. From memory think 1" is the maximum the Hammer takes and don't forget the wider the blade the more power it saps from the motor to turn it.
This is a 1" Lenox Woodmaster CT blade. You can see that the teeth hang over the edge of the tyre.


There are N4400 mods on this page: http://www.inthewoodshop.com/Powered Tools and Machinery/index.html

Regards from Perth

very interesting ...especially your fence mod Derek .... recipio thanks for your input .... im going to try a tuffs Sabercut blade when it arrives .... and I will also check what hammer Felder says ....suck it and see I shall...
I have the smaller N35 and the blade is generaly in the middle of the wheel. Your guides may limit your position, it may not be possible to get the gullet in the middle depending on the width of the blade.
I’ve just set it up with the teeth just off the edge of the wheel with a 1” blade and I’m getting a reasonable rip cut in 8” X 2” Douglas fir … I think a little more tension than shown on the indicator is necessary… now just to make a deep fence up for ripping… thanks for the replies 👍