Greasing lathe bearings - How much? How often? How?

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21 Aug 2017
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I've got my father-in-law's Unioni Graduate lathe, which seems to be in good nick generally.
The manual says to turn the grease caps occasionally and to keep them full...but not to over-grease.

I have bought some grease. Is there a way of getting it in the caps that doesn't involve greasing most of the machine, me and the passing cat?
Are there only 2 caps (one inside and one outsie the main compartment)?
How often is occasionally if I use it once a week?
How much is enough?
How much is too much?
How do I correct too much?
What is Life?

I think I think therefore I might be.


Help valued as ever.
I have 2 graduates and have fitted sealed bearings in both so no lubrication needed now
But I wouldn’t go mad with your screw greasers
Just a turn or so when they start making a noise or you can feel roughness when turning the spindle by are only squeezing a small amount in and pushing some of the old out.
If you invest say £30 in a new pair of sealed bearings and an hours time new sealed bearings are the way to go