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Cowl bearing clearance


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14 Jun 2020
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Evening All

Things slowly moving forward on the Oast, currently making up the top bearing, traditionally these are a wood post through a steel ring. All the owners i’ve spoken to say that creaking and grinding spas the cowl moves can be a bit of a nuisance. So i’m going to use a big taper roller for bottom of post (rather than the traditional pintel bearing)

post is 125mm square accoya, built up with oak and rounded. Steel tube is 210mm ID. It’ll be greased when put up and will have a grease line to keep it lubricated over time. My quandry is how much smaller to make the oak diameter, i’m assuming the accoya is going to have negligible movement , the oak was cut and stacked over 10 years ago, firewood (softwoods) from the same barn ends up at around 15% mc after 18-24 months.
Picture shows the oak on a spare piece of post, it’ll be transferred to the actual post , screwed and glued, then fettled as required.
At the moment i’m thinking of an OD of 207mm (it won’t be perfect as its been done by hand , not on a lathe). once protected with grease , i can’t see the oak moving much.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

many thanks F50B82E3-73FA-4DC1-99DF-DFA6CACA407F.jpeg83964934-21F8-4EDC-AB9A-E2C47F23370B.jpeg