Got to Love Tuff Saws

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Robbo3":1bcnzdn4 said:
I've had 5 Tuff saw blades snap (not at the weld) on my little hobby 2 wheel bandsaw. I think it's because the metal is too thick & doesn't like the tight curvature.
The Axminster blades are thinner & I haven't had any snap.
If you ring Axminster and place a special order, they'll make up blades for you which are from very thin stock material; they don't cost a lot more either. I did that a few years ago but the current DG blades are fine on both my machines - Rob
So I can't really compare like for like as the Axy hobby saw I had was 0.5hp running a max 1/2" blade and the new Sabre is 1.5hp running a 3/4" max blade with drastically superior guides.

What I will say is a 3tpi Tuff Cut sabertooth blade leaves a far cleaner cut than a 3tpi Axcaliber GT blade.

I may we'll try some Axy blades on this saw in future but I'm more than happy with what I've got from Tuff saws at the moment.

As an aside - the Sabre 350 is an epic machine and the build quality is every bit as good as European / US made machines that I've seen.
sunnybob":5v8ydo6b said:
Have you discussed this with Ian? At the very least he would want to know for other customers sakes.

Yes, he knows.

Phil Pascoe":5v8ydo6b said:
or buy a thin gauge one from Tuffsaws. :D

After the first breaks I bought what Ian then recommended & they still snapped.

It was not as if I was over working the blade. I was only doing straight, mostly crossgrain, cuts in boards up to an inch thick.
With these little bandsaws you have to cut at the speed that the saw wants to cut or it stalls.
Good dust extraction also helps. It's adequate on cross cutting but you have to keep an eye out ripping some woods that produce long streamers.