Good workbench deal at £100?

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4 Apr 2020
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It's ok if you didn't want to make one. Would cost you that much in beech + vise?;
Think it weighs about 100kg and it’s all beech. Hard to find that much material for the price to be fair..
Looks good, (joke) I hope it’s not matchbox size!
I do hope I’m wrong but not sure the underframe looks quite strong enough to prevent wracking, but at that price you can afford to build a more substantial one if not. So, great purchase- have fun.
I think it's a decent deal.

You can work out how big it is by counting the blocks in the wall.

2200 x 967, go to Axminster and see if they make that size.
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I'd say it's a bargain, can I see the end of a tail vice at the right hand side?

It does look a bit top heavy, I would suggest with the money you have saved you should buy lots of tools and store them in the cupboard below to add a bit of ballast :)
Hey everyone, thanks I’m having it delivered on the weekend. It kind of looks like this one from Axminster, needs a sanding I think! But after speaking to customer service they said it’s like this one:

It looks similar to Axminster's current version at £699.

I think it’s a lot heavier than that one and longer at 1.9m. It’s good though just need to sand it down and reapply a finish to it.


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Think you've got a bargain there.
Spend time getting the top flat and level first would be my tip.
I’ve called Axminster and it was worth £550 back in 2008. So looking forward to it arriving on the weekend. I’ll take a picture of it and show you guys yeah I will defo start get the top level and sanded, it sounds silly but I’m really excited as I’ve been waiting years for one! 😃😃😃

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