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28 Aug 2016
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I know we all have different experiences with different companies but I was very impressed with BT Openreach yesterday.

My mother had a new phone line and broadband fitted on Monday, the phone worked fine but the broadband didn't, they said it could take until midnight to start working so I left it until yesterday morning. Yesterday morning it still didn't work so at 9:45am I phoned the helpline, my call was answered on the second ring. A very helpful chap ran a test and said it looked like the problem was external and they would aim to fix it within 24hrs. At 10:25am I got a call from an engineer asking a few details as they were just finishing a job 30mins away and they would head over to my local exchange next to take a look. At 11:35am I got a call from the engineer saying it should be all working now, which it was 😮

I presume it hadn't been connected properly in the first place which obviously isn't good but the speed (less than 2 hrs!) and ease with which it was fixed and their communication was fantastic.

I'm sure people will have had negative experiences with BT Openreach but considering the current climate I was pleasantly surprised by the service I received.
BTW good time to point out that the old copper wire PSTN system is being switched off in 2025. Hurrah for progress.
I recently (September) had FTTP broadband installed. I have to say that both BT and Openreach were superb throughout.
The engineer doing the install was meticulous in what he did and cleaned up perfectly.

Result = no more flaky ADSL and rock solid 150mb fibre broadband.
We changed from a local wireless ISP to Zen, via Openreach fibre. Zero problems.
We’ve had similar experiences with BT - do what they say they’re going to do and when they’re going to do it.
“Slotting in” an extra job like you describe can often be taken for granted but hats off to them for doing so.
Our recent experiences with Sky TV service is regrettably less heart warming.
Openreach turned up at my daughter's house (she bought it last week) to sort the internet as she works from home. They didn't. They turned up again and tested it, said it was OK. It wasn't. She's been asked to be at home between 6.00pm and 12.00am tonight ............ which has really pleased her as were're still in tier one and the pubs are still open.
Driving through floodwaters and in driving rain we saw an unfortunate Openreach bloke with a handful of cables fixing a fault.
Anyone who does that job in that weather deserves all the praise they can gather.