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15 Jul 2019
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I've been an engineer for a few years, designing machinery for factories. I only see my work when it's finally installed. I'd now like to change that by making some stuff at home for myself.

Any recommendations for tooling that I should buy first? I'd like to probably start with some furniture made from steel tubing, so it also needs welding. Wouldn't really want to spend too much on it but at the same time my wife wouldn't let me put a rubbish quality table in our living room either :D
4" angle grinder. Great for so many jobs. 1mm slitting blades for cutting, grinding wheel for stock removal/shaping, flap disc for polishing, wire wheel for rust removal, diamond disc for concrete. Very versatile. Stick welder for welding. Engineering vice is a must.
Fire extinguisher
Arc welder
In that order.

Then add hammers, chisels,clamps amd ability.

Dont forget to enjoy and good luck.
Good tips! Will start from here then. I've only tried some welding at uni, so will need to up my skills before going on actual projects probably :)
Can recommend the R-Tech 160 mig welder, with this you can do stick, scratch tig as well as mig. Grinder with various disks and flap wheels is a must. PPE top of list, small selection of files always handy. step drills.When money permits a pillar drill and small horizontal bandsaw makes joints a breeze.