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FTAGH 5L Morrells Shellac


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Whereabouts are you fella? I'm nearish Hertford , bit further south very near Broxbourne. The Mrs works at Stevenage. I'd be really interested and willing to swap for beer tokens if we can fit in before you go to sea.
Pm me when you can.
Cheers fella
Hey Chris

Thought I'd sent you a pm but not sure what happened. I'm just on the other side of Hitchin so your missus might be able to pick it up. At home all next week.
Hi, really sorry for the late reply but I had to wait till this morning to ask my Mrs and it's a bit far for her to pick it up, (she gave me a look... :| ) sorry to be a pain and delay this. Hopefully someone nearer can take it off your hands.
Many regards

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