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Damn it!I did not have the funds at that time. :cry:

Has anyone have an opinion that this offer may come aroud again? Does Rutlands repeat their offers?

Also, for someone who bought a special, are the slots 3/4"x3/4" as standard?

Hi Mike

I eventually got around to cleaning the tablesaw top. I discounted using the Green Webrax as whilst the top was very dirty it did not have any stains that I could see etc, also I was concerned that it may scratch it. Therefore applied plenty of WD40 and used Webrax 1500. It worked a treat, not too much elbow grease either-took 40 mins to do everything including the sliding table rails.

Turning to the scale for the lateral fence it is all but useless. I set mine at 90 degrees with a 12'' try square--not tried it yet so don't know if it will work. How do you set yours?

I'm not quite clear on how to adjust the table using Scrits method, it would seem that you would have to adjust the sliding table bolts underneath the table to achieve the desired result. Will have to experiment here I guess.

Whilst the saw moved very freely on its mobile stand before it had the rails and sliding table on, it is not so easy now everything is attached--although still moveable. The rail supporting leg does not present a problem as when the stand is in mobile mode it lifts it about 15mm off the floor, I make sure that the sliding table is at the far end of the rail though so there is no stress there.

Cheers Con
Hi Con,

Thanks for the cleaning info. I'll give it a go.

I followed Scrit's advice to set mine up and I'm really pleased with it as the scale is all but useless.

To set the table in relation to the blade, I loosened the bolts that secure the rear sliding carriage bracket to the table top (The iron L shaped piece) and then tapped it to move it slightly and then retightened.

After doing this I set the fence as well as I could with a framing square and then used Scrit's 'cutting a square' method to get it perfect. When you do it, remember that the error on the final cut is 4 times the error on the fence and you will probably only need to move the fence very slightly.

The only problem I have now is that for most ripping operations the cross cut fence has to be removed so I lose the setup. As a temporary fix, I have fastened a small G-clamp to the table so that the fence butts up against it and I can position the fence back against it each time. However even this is in the way for ripping anything really wide and I'm trying to work out a better way.

I still think the machine is a real bargain.

Thanks for your comments - this is my first posting on the forum so here goes. I bought the Fox table saw three months ago and - while it is undoubtedly a lot of kit for the money there are inevitably compromises made on quality. If you know this and can spend the time to get the thing sorted its a bargain.
Some of the problems ...... Firstly the sawblade wobbled badly at first. I traced the problem to the spacer which fits on the arbour behind the blade. Its thickness varied by 30 thou. I only found this after a lot of head scratching and you will need a good micrometer to confirm any problem. Fox sent a replacement (after a couple of follow up calls) which was spot on. Maybe I just got a Friday afternoon special or whatever the Chinese equivalent is.
Next thing is the way the top is fitted to the base - it is supposed to be located by two dowels and bolted at four points. If I used the dowels the blade would be completely out of line with the mitre slots - so out they came.
Has anyone found a way of taking up the slack of the mitre in the slot? I've tried centre punching the mitre bar along its length but the aluminium
its made from is so soft it soon wears loose.
One thing I haven't fixed yet - as you raise the blade all is well until the last couple of mill when the whole blade and carriage shifts slightly to one side - imagine how much fun that one caused until I spotted it.
This sounds like a long rant about how bad the thing is - I don't mean it to be. As I said at the beginning the Fox is a bargain - the Swiss and German competition is better engineered out of the box but at twice the price - you pays your money....